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A florist’s thoughts on the Royal Wedding

What is a royal wedding without the incredible display of flowers? It’s no secret that the arrangements that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are beyond any expectation. Do you know the history behind their selections? Read more to learn about the amazing and...

Flowering Oregon

Opening Table Tops, etc. in the Downtown Phoenix District gave me so much excitement that when I found my building at 803 N 7th St, being one of the highest traffic streets in the city, I knew I was going to be here forever. We love being booked with weddings, our...

To My Amazing Phoenix Team!

It has always been a passion of mine to design flowers and transform simple venues to fabulous works of art. I quickly learned, though, that I couldn’t just simply do that on my own, I needed a team that would support me, trust me and provide loyalty so that my dreams could become a reality.