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Between all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, it’s difficult to find time to sit back and really envision the ambiance of your wedding. Ambiance is defined as the character or atmosphere of a place. So whether your wedding is taking place at a resort, in the woods, on the beach or a Country Club, don’t you want the ambiance of your wedding to be, at the very least, romantic? Amidst our lovely floral arrangements, there is one simple thing that can be added to your atmosphere to give it those warm feels – lighting. The contrast of the decoration is also important, chair, tablecloth, on cvlinens.com you can find cheap table runners for sale perfects for your wedding. When you’re thinking of a romantic night at home with your significant other, what do you picture? It probably includes: dinner, flowers, your favorite music in the background and candle light. Candles and lighting are notorious for their deep emotional connections and you should seriously consider adding some to your wedding atmosphere! Where do you start? Keep reading and I’ll walk you through where you can add lighting for the perfect romantic ambiance for your most special day.

Let’s start with your ceremony back drop! Whether you’re using arches, chuppa, a flower wall or simple floral stands, you can add LED strands in so many different capacities! This allows easy customization from single strands braided through your floral arrangement to dramatic multi-strands hanging down from the top of your back piece. Can you imagine the ambiance of a ceremony background featuring pillars with stacks of candles behind you and your soon-to-be spouse? Or possibly having light strands and candles line the aisle you walk down? There are so many options to lighting up your ceremony!!

Ceremony lighting selection is fairly simple, there are a few places you can add some LED’s but when it comes to your reception, there are a hundred more! From the swooping ceiling strands to centerpiece trees adorned with lighted ornaments – lighting can completely transform your reception space! Lighted floral tunnels, spot lighted cake table, floating votive centerpieces, lanterns lighting the walk way – the ideas are literally endless and completely customizable!

But how do you know when to use LED lights versus real candles? Most venues, especially museums and historical homes, won’t allow real candles for fear of a fire. We highly recommend sticking to LED candles throughout your entire day. There are many reasons why we recommend this: LED lights last much longer than the life of a burning candle, in the case of wind/rain LED’s will withstand all weather and still glow, and the cleanup with LED lights is much faster (and cleaner) than with candles!

We are so excited to meet with you and begin designing your perfect floral arrangements paired with the most romantic lights. Please feel free to email/call me to set up your initial consultation for a complimentary quote! melissa@tabletopsetc.net/(602) 252-2966