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It’s officially the holiday season and we are so excited to be creating our bride’s winter bouquets and arrangements for holiday party events. This season brings so many deep red hues and ethereal greens to our studio. So we decided to ask our floral expert and Table Tops Etc. owner, Melissa Lewis, what her favorite (and top trending) flowers that are often featured this season at winter events. You can find her top picks below.


The Amaryllis flower was born in South America and are mostly known to be white and red but can also come in orange and pink. Its name came from German descent, meaning “to sparkle”. An Amaryllis flower provides bright and vibrant colors to a bride’s bouquet and any centerpiece which will go great with the bride’s dress from bridal shop essex, but these beauts only bloom around Thanksgiving and typically disappear by January. This short allowance on time makes it perfect for a winter time event.

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Magnolia White Blossom

Of the daintiest floral charms is the Magnolia flower. Its elegance, beauty and charm is only a precursor to its sweet fragrance. Although its beauty is delicate, they have incredibly short lives as soon as they’ve been removed from the plant. At its best, a Magnolia will rarely last longer than nine days.





Christmas Cactus

Although the Christmas Cactus is typically utilized as a houseplant, its stem grows at an arch which makes it perfectly suitable for a hanging bouquet. This cactus can produce various colors including white, orange, pink, red and even purple.





Paper White Plant

Paper White Plants are famous for their star shaped flowers and thin stems. Gifting bouquets with its stunning shape, Paper White Plants (similar to Magnolias) also offer a sweet fragrance. They’ve been grown all over the world but their original planting places are Europe and Asia. These florals blossom right around Christmas time, making them a perfect candidate for winter events.






The Tulip flower is a famous flower that is most commonly known for its striking shape and the variety of colors. The Tulip can come in almost every color, excluding a pure blue form. It also has a sweet fragrance and can grow up to two feet tall.






The Poinsettia flower is very rarely used in most arrangements of winter events. Although its use is popular in most homes, especially during the winter holidays, Poinsettias continue to bloom continuously throughout the year. The few times Table Tops Etc. has used them during winter events, they selected a white or deep red variety.





Ilex Berry

More commonly known as Holly Berries, they take their form in fall and winter. They are most famous in the bright red tones but they can also be blue, yellow, orange, black and white. Their spiky limbs and red berries have granted them a permanent spot as a prominent landscape and arrangement plant. We are lucky enough to get a fresh batch every winter from our Oregon connections.



Holiday foliages

These four favorite foliages offer a variety of light and dark greens, providing bouquets and arrangements wintery texture.


                         Eucalyptus                                                Ponderosa Pine

                        Princess Pine                                                        Cedar

Feature Image Courtesy of Larissa Jean Photography