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Have you found yourself daydreaming about the shape of your bouquet? Do you prefer a clean and controlled European Hand-Tied Style Bouquet or something more billowy and cascading?

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As lead designer and owner of Table Tops, Etc., I have designed them all! Today, I am going to describe some of the most popular bouquet styles that I promise to make you swoon!!



Simple and small for the minimalist bride, these bouquets are perfect for a single hand hold. These petite beauties are also very popular for Bridesmaids and Mother’s of the bride and groom!


The most beautiful pieces of flowers are sewn or glued together to create this stunning style. Once completed, the finished look, known as a “glamelia”,  makes as a defining, unique statement piece. 

European Hand-Tied, controlled

This European Hand-tied style is the most traditional and popular bouquet style that there is! These florals are typically cut to the same length and arranged in a tight, circular shape, presenting a very clean and rounded style bouquet.


European Hand-Tied, loose

The most trending style today, this European Hand-Tied styles is loose and relaxed and are known for their unpolished quality. Blooms and stems varying in color, length and texture are tied together with loose ribbon tailings to create an ethereal and rustic look.



A bouquet that is eye capturing and unique, a biedermeier bouquet is designed with “rings” of various flowers circling each other. Also available in a absolutely stunning spiral design!



This arrangement is an absolute show-stopper! Presented by resting down one arm, this bouquet is meant to flow down past the bouquet for a dramatic display of its blooms.


Like its namesake, a cascading bouquet features florals dripping over and down from the center mirroring the shape of a waterfall or ending with a tear-drop point. Big Blooms and trailing greens like ivy, fern and eucalyptus are popular greenery choices for this style.

Now that you’ve seen and learned about a few bridal bouquet styles, do you have a preference?

When you’re ready to start designing your dream style, fill out your wedding questionnaire and we will contact you to set up an appointment!

Let’s start designing your dream florals today! Melissa