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It has always been a passion of mine to design flowers and transform simple venues to fabulous works of art. I quickly learned, though, that I couldn’t just simply do that on my own, I needed a team that could help me in all the steps required to make a special day including a wedding caterers guide, it’s just a lot of work for one person even if I wanted to be on top of everything, so I needed a team that would support me, trust me and provide loyalty so that my dreams could become a reality. Over the years many employees have come and gone, but the team that I have now works so fluidly together, so confidently together and continues to amaze me by their strength and love for each other. This blog post is all about our wonderful Phoenix team that shine in their individual talents but design amazing arrangements and events together.

Violeta has been with me for over 5 years and continues to blossom as the expert designer that she is. Violeta has the softest heart and the determination to accomplish not just floral designing but many more things. When she’s not creating halos or centerpieces, she is a fabric specialist and seamstress. Just last weekend she made the most beautiful fabric flowers out of a bride’s mother and grandmother dress fabric! She is our jack of all trades!

Jonathan is our muscle man and has been with Table Tops, Etc. for an incredibly long time, so long I’ve forgotten how many years now! He mainly handles all of our brunt work, i.e. building, tearing down, loading out, etc. Part of his MF job is also doing what we like to call a “strike”, which is deconstructing the beautiful decor from your ceremony and reception late at night. Jonathan is an incredible key player in our big wins success!

His life partner Amber also works for our Table Tops Team on the weekends and is a devoted, hard worker! She is currently expecting their second child in early June.
We all can’t wait to celebrate their baby shower in a few weeks!


Molly is an energetic and ambitious floral designer! She continuously energizes all of us with her excitement with every new event. She is the assistant manager at the only Phoenix Hostel, which is 5 minutes away from us, so she handles most of our last minute orders as well! Molly also takes the lead on quite a few of our wedding deliveries and helps a lot with our setup. Being with us for less than a year, this apprentice has a bright future! We also just found out that she is leaving us for the summer and heading to Vietnam! Stay cool Molly!

Cheryl has been my number guru for over 3 years now and I am so blessed to have her. Cheryl works in our office exclusively dealing with our shop finances,payments and helping brides figure out the best payment plans to work seamlessly with their budget and timeline, using the best financial tools from The Ascent site for this. I don’t know what I would do without her, I can barely keep track of my own check book! Not only is Cheryl a wizard with numbers, she is also a master quilter and creates some of the most beautiful designs!

I’d also like to give a shout out to our freelance “moonlighters” that have been with me for what feels like a decade and in some cases, longer!

Adrienne by week-day works for a builder. She loves the excitement of every week’s challenges and new designs.

Brenda works in law during the week and also provides a bright smile for her floral crew on the weekend!

Quint is one cool guy. He’s been with me the longest of them all!
Every time we’ve got a new idea or a new piece made of wood, he gets it done! Over the years he has made us arbors and that brides swoon over!

I can’t give enough thanks for all of you, without you I don’t know what I would do! Thank you for allowing my crazy, enthusiastic and eccentric passion shine through. Thank you for always embracing in the exciting and ever-changing industry that is event florals!