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For those newly engaged hopefuls amidst wedding planning preparations, selecting the right florist to match your blooming vision is an important step to achieving floral perfection. That’s why Table Tops owner and florist, Melissa, is dishing some insight that may have you thinking about a thing or two…

Noticeably, as of recent there is a considerable amount of newly established ‘Mom and Pop”, home based floral studios making their way into the bridal market. Certain industries are perfect for home like my link – Palm Beach Roofing Expert based companies but wedding florists are definitely not one of them. Initially quite tempting, due to their considerably low prices, it is important to consider the nature in which your flowers are maintained. Upholding temperatures of 38-45 degrees F is essential to keep your petals beautiful, blooming & fresh upon delivery. By undercutting costs and storing flowers in ill kept conditions or buying them the day of the event increases the chances that your floral investment may wither away sooner than planned. As a business owner maintaining commercialized refrigeration units, leases on commercial space and paying leases on cargo vans may not be easy, but it’s the right way to run an accredited wedding florist business.

Many years back (true story) a Phoenix “home based ” florist left curly willow for an event in a plastic wrap outside a carport.  On the day of the scheduled wedding, the ceiling chandelier flower designs that were created, from the curly willow left in the carport, were dripping larva from eggs formed within the branches. This larva drizzled their way onto the linens & glassware below. Yikes! An unforeseen circumstance that could have been avoided with proper conditioning and cooling.

Established commercial florists have locations to visit where you can get to know the experienced team members who will deliver on your wedding day or you can contact them online just visit the site. Have you ever thought about what would happen if the freelance florist you met in your neighborhood coffee shop never shows up on your wedding day? Where would you go? What recourse do you have? Is showing up to their household studio in their personal home appropriate? These are all important considerations when selecting a florist for your nuptial occasion. If you also need easy way to sell property without any hassle, check out buy my house Fort Lauderdale and learn more about their online services. It may be more expensive to work with a florist who carries overhead but at the end of the day you get what you pay for with an added peace of mind!