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Have you ever taken a deep inhale and smelled the familiar scent of lavender? Did you notice how easily that scent took you to a specific place or time in your past? One of my favorite things to add to a bride’s bouquet is a flower that provides a scent that gives her relaxation and bliss. So, what is the scent that brings you the most nostalgia and how does it make you feel?


These star-shaped stunners exude a scent that can only be described as spicy sweet. Bearing a tight bloom in its aesthetic, Lilac is the perfect perennial for you and your bridesmaid’s bouquets. I love its distinct scent and vibrant aesthetic, this flower is truly an essence of spring.


A rose surprisingly carries many different scents and these odors are strongly dependent on the color of the petals. It has been said that the darker colored and higher abundance of thicker petals will yield the best smells. The traditional red and pink roses produce the classic rose smell and offer pops of dimension in your wedding designs. Yellow and lighter petaled roses deliver a scent of violet and lemon while the deep yellow and orange roses often smell of fruits.


The famous Honeysuckle flower has been rumored to induce dreams of love. Adored by hummingbirds for it’s strong pollinating scent, the honeysuckle is also known for its many medicinal properties. When used in your wedding arrangements, the honeysuckle plant can provide a natural and bohemian touch while exuding its familiar scent to your guests.


Affectionately known as calming and uplifting to your mood with the simple whiff of its familiar fragrance. It is easily one of the most widely known fragrances in the medicinal, naturopathic and perfume industries for its hundreds of affects. Lavender would be the perfect punch of purple in your reception centerpieces with its vertical stock of colorful buds.


This white blossoming flower fills the air with some of the sweetest smells a flower can give. Most widely known being presented in Hawaiian leis and as offerings to new guests, the Jasmine flower can easily become a sense of remembrance to certain events in the past. Expert tip: the Jasmine flower is perfect for the coveted draping bouquet with its gorgeous white blooms extending down the front of your arrangement.


Known for its presence in the kitchen, this herb provides a sweet, resinous flavor. Growing as a perennial evergreen shrub with blue flowers, it’s perfect for an ethereal green themed wedding with pops of blue.

Lily of the Valley 

Featured in Princess Kate, Princess Grace and Carolyn Kennedy’s wedding bouquets. Lily of the Valley symbolizes purity, chastity, and humility. Also being known as a symbol of the return of happiness, this pungent flower will give your wedding a clean, fresh feel and lighten any arrangement. Fill your wedding arrangements with this linen fresh scent!

Did any of these flowers remind you of another time in your life? Does your fiancé often bring you any of these blooms? Even if you don’t have an emotional connection to any of these flowers, start a new tradition and pick one of them from the flower delivery bangkok sukhumvit for your wedding arrangements that you can see yourself gifting and using for the rest of your life!

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