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Anytime someone says “Spring is here!” I can’t help but get excited to think about how much the Spring perennials brighten our floral studio. It’s that time of year where everything is pure and bright, which brings so much joy to our entire team. Below you will find some of our favorite florals for this light and fresh time of year!


I believe whole-heartedly that the worldwide symbol of spring is the tulip flower. With over hundreds of varieties and colors that are available today, due to heavy cross breeding, these stunning blooms can create the most beautiful landscapes for any event.


Have you ever walked through a field of hydrangeas and fallen in love with the sights and scents they offer you? I have been given that great opportunity and it is one worth documenting and never forgetting about. Ranging from shrubs to small trees, the texture and color variety of these perennials gives spring the perfect touch of unadulterated ease.

We are incredibly lucky to receive fresh hydrangeas from our local Oregon flower farmers, Oregon Coastal Flowers.


Symbolizing friendship, the daffodil flower offers lightness and the feeling of a fresh beginning. These trumpet shaped petals are seen in yellow can are also popular in white, orange and pink, especially in spring!


These brilliantly white flowers are best known for their symbol of purity and Christ’s resurrection. They are adorned in bride’s flower crowns, in churches and scattered on graves because of the pureness that these flowers represent. These annuals offer a feeling of elegance and class to any arrangement.

Pussy Willow

These gorgeous fluffy white blossoms bloom just before the Chinese tradition of their New Year Celebration. They offer the representation of the coming of prosperity. For many centuries the Pussy Willow has played an important role in religious observances, mainly Easter Monday and Palm Sunday. You will find these textile branches bloom just as spring begins.


Just as fireworks sparkle on the celebration of a New Year, these magnificent yellow blossoms are produced in early spring before its leaves. The Forsythia is named after William Forsyth, an English horticulturist, who in 1804 was one of the founders of the Horticultural Society of London and served as a gardener to King George II at Kensignton. When fully grown into a shrub some of the stems are so thick they need to be cut with a table saw!

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