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We all know how important those wedding day florals are. From the boutonnieres to bouquets, ceremony arches to centerpieces they all create a distinct vision and theme of your special event. We all know that the big question remains, how much is your vision going to cost you? Or better yet, how much of your vision is obtainable with the budget you’ve set? Today we sit down with Table Top Etc. head floral designer, and owner Melissa, to uncover the top three tips to what you should expect, and prepare for, in the wedding floral planning process.

TIP #1

Know your budget. In the multiple decades that Melissa has made wedding fantasies come true, she has also perfected how to maintain precision under any budget line. She can only streamline your vision with your wallet, however, if you are completely transparent with her about your needs, we all know planning a wedding is stressful and difficult, some people even take supplements as the one in this Cannabidiol Oil review to relax a little, that’s why is important to get all the help you can with this. So our first tip is to calculate the amount you are willing to spend on your florals and rentals before meeting with your florist. This will also give you the confidence to stick to it when talking about your dream day, but also remember that no question is a bad question and will just help your vendors set you in the right direction!

TIP #2

Bring Inspiration to your consultation. Whether it’s photos of your best friend’s glamorous birthday party or photos you’ve been coveting on Pinterest, bring them! There’s no need to research online all the different bloom names, chair styles and terminology, that’s what the experts are for. During your initial consultation, ensure that your floral Pinterest photos are all saved into one subfolder isolated from all your other wedding photos. This way, Melissa can effortlessly understand your vision and begin making it a reality for you. From making professional recommendations to sketching out the beauty you’ve been cycling in your head for years or also taking care of your health even your teeth, with the olds alberta dental clinic.

TIP #3

Keep in contact. We all understand that planning your wedding day is hectic, but maintaining stable contact is key! Whether you’re completely ready to sign on and begin the full outlining process or still concerned about your quote, keep in contact! The beauty of planning is that there are always flexible financial variables that can be modified in order to achieve a budget that may not be determined at the first consultation. But through constant change and progression, Melissa and her team of experts will design the most elegant floral day that will leave you breathless.

We hope that this page and these tips will allow the process of this most exciting journey to be easy and seamless. We also hope that this post will make you feel comfortable to always be open and honest with us and we promise to do the same with you!


Feature Image by Kimberly Jarman Photography