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We personalized weddings and events to each bride, blending different styles and colors. These floral selections accompanied the event spaces beautifully and working with talented event staff and teams of skilled photographers made July’s events extra special.

We are absolutely blown away with Erin and Sameh’s wedding trailer by Serendipity Cinematography. Their cinematography work is outstanding and it captures some of the floral work that decorated their stunning Greek Orthodox ceremony.

Details from Erin and Sameh’s Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony featured beautiful volume and delicate use of color that really showcased the beauty of the ceremony space. These floral pieces reflected the flowers chosen for the bride’s bouquet, with a soft and romantic color palette.


Table tops had the opportunity to personally deliver some modern and dramatic elegance to Bottega Veneta in Phoenix this month with this outstanding orchid. Orchids can be surprisingly hardy and make the perfect statement piece for businesses and storefronts.


More soft and sweet for this wedding. The bride’s old hollywood style elegance was playfully accompanied by pastels and cooler foliage arrangements. Succulents and other foliage can be introduced to give your traditional bouquet a little more earthiness and adds interesting shape without taking away from the blooms.


Screenshot_2016-07-26-13-21-33-1(Photo: Malone Sinclare)

Don’t be scared to add different plants to add a little depth to your arrangement. We encourage brides to choose foliage and greenery that compliments their flowers and changed the dynamic of their entire event space.

Screenshot_2016-07-26-13-21-26-1(Photo: SJA Studios)

We reminisced on a past bride’s beautiful bouquet on wedding planner Amy Bacon’s post on social media. We love bouquets that are simple and sweet. White and pastel petals can accompany any ceremony style and we love the way this color palette compliments the texture details on a bride’s dress. Excellent job Celebrations by Amy Bacon on making this bride’s day spectacular.


Amy also shared one of our table-scapes that added beautiful drama to her bride’s reception. Softer hues of ivory and blush were accompanied by deep crimson and mixed metal accents. Gold, rose gold and glitter made these tables an art deco dream. This was a fun mix of textures and played perfectly on the reception’s romantic lighting.

Screenshot_2016-07-26-13-21-17-1(Photo: Meagan Gibson Photography)


This shot from Some Like It Classic Wedding Design showed the power of a strong architectural space as an event backdrop. The art deco touches where warm meets rich and cool tones made an amazing setting to utilize large centerpieces. The centerpieces added height while the blooms gave the gold room pops of brilliant color.


We love marrying rustic styles with delicate glamour. These centerpieces at a Desert Botanical Garden wedding added simple touches of earthy woods and mosses, abstract succulents and soft blush petals. Excellent shot by Courtney of Courtney Sargent Photography. 

Melissa took a trip to New York for her daughter’s 21st birthday celebration in New York City!


Melissa got to visit friends and family, and even brought a little sunshine to our social media team at the Yellow Jacket Social home office in New York. Yellow Jacket Social manages our social media accounts and keeps us connected with our clients and community all the way from New York, making our visit from Arizona something special.


Catching up with Erica from Yellow Jacket Social allowed us to brainstorm some ideas for our social media accounts and improve the way we connect with brides, event planners and customers across the U.S. 


We welcomed July celebrating some beautiful brides and brought their personalities to life with stunning bouquets and centerpieces. With a little more summer to go, we anxiously anticipate bright vibrant colors and combinations before welcoming the deeper colors of fall weddings to come. Sign in at sodapdf esign for free, drag and drop your pdf files and convert.