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Originally written by Cory Peters. Editor’s tips written by Melissa Lewis.

Any wedding in the Beaver State is going to be beautiful no matter which venue you choose. The majestic mountains, evergreen trees, and a burst of lush flowers will always have a place when tying the knot in Oregon. There’s so much to think about: the dress, the food, music, the decorations, flowergirl dresses. It can be seamless if you design your Oregon wedding with all the five senses in mind.

Touch the Details

Make sure the different textures and patterns that your guests come in contact with circle back to a central theme. Guests who arrive at your wedding will automatically touch what they come in contact with. This could be a smooth lawn chair at a formal wedding or a rustic wood log in a barn wedding setting. An outdoor wedding will allow guests to feel the cool breeze. Consider handing out small plush blankets or wraps as wedding favors. Rustic weddings can use twine to gather utensils while modern weddings can use silk ribbon. These little details put the finishing touches on your beautiful day.

Don’t forget how important the outfits are, specially the accessories like mens titanium wedding bands that the husband, groomsman and best man can use on that special event.

Taste the Flavor

No one wants to attend a wedding with unappealing food and drinks. Make sure your reception is on point by creating a detailed menu with your caterer. Food should be easy to eat without making too much of a mess. Serve a signature dessert they’ll be talking about for years!

Smell the Fragrance

Surrounding your Oregon wedding with roses is a natural choice, thanks to the environment. Roses are well known for their ability to flourish in the Portland area, hence the nickname “Rose City.” They not only provide a beautiful fragrance for your wedding but are also very romantic. Adorn each seat with a single rose that guests can carry to the reception and take home as a beautiful wedding favor.

Compliment your roses with some cottage pink or moonflower in the table centerpieces. Both are fragrant flowers that will delight guests throughout the reception.

Hear the Love

Music lifts the atmosphere of any special day. The tunes you choose for your wedding ceremony is just as important as the music you select for the reception. While the dance party music may be more fun, the ceremony music should set the stage. A string quartet is a modern choice for the ceremony, but you may prefer a guitarist or piano player.

See the Beauty

While sight is the most obvious sense, there’s a lot that plays into it. Beautiful floral arrangements and your wedding dress will help define the wedding. But your venue will be what people remember. Backyard weddings should have a beautiful lawn backdrop that’s both green and vibrant. Forest setting weddings will have a lot of natural colors and textures to take into account. A seaside nuptial offers a fantastic view of the Pacific waves. Make sure to choose the right coordinating colors so the entire overview isn’t overwhelming.
Editor’s note: We adore Oregon’s vineyard venues that capture not only the sights but definitely the the smells as well! Our favorite  vineyards are Zenith, Fox Farm, Troon, Archer, Patton and Ponzi!

Designing a wedding is no small feat, but it can be easier to do when considering all five senses. Remember, you’re not only creating memories for yourself, but for your guests as well.

When remembering the five senses, our expert team will create arrangements that hit every mark! Ready to discuss your FREE custom quote? Email us at Melissa@tabletopsetc.net.

About the Author

Cory Peters is a wedding photographer who does her best work at outdoor venues. She’s photographed couples tying the knot on the ski slopes in Colorado and in the Everglades in Florida. She has a passion for shooting flower gardens all over the world.