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Opening Table Tops, etc. in the Downtown Phoenix District gave me so much excitement that when I found my building at 803 N 7th St, being one of the highest traffic streets in the city, I knew I was going to be here forever. We love being booked with weddings, our favorite type of weekend is when we have 3 large weddings that challenge our creativity and design abilities. Unfortunately, with Arizona’s blazing hot summers, our floral business gets quiet and empty, we only help the bird photography singapore sometimes when they need to set up a nice scenario. I wanted to supplement the summer time with a place that I could continue to exercise my design talents in a place that was blossoming with weddings throughout the summer. The place I decided to continue my passion in Arizona’s slower months was Oregon! In March of 2015 a very dear friend of mine introduced me to a wedding planner in the Willamette region. She asked me to collaborate on some styled photos shoots and I fell in love with Oregon scenery and we began to work together. That was the start of my Oregon adventure!


(Above: Stunning photos of our Studio space in Oregon)

When I went to Oregon to find a studio that would flow well with floral design, I found a Wine Country Weddings venue called The Water Oasis that had the perfect shop right on their property, they also have knowledge of what dentists need in marketing when they market clinics. I fell immediately in love with their perfectly landscaped 5 acres of rose gardens, rustic meadows, natural landscapes and water features. Their name is directly explanative of the feeling you get when you arrive. I have found that I love working in the country side featuring rolling hills of vineyards and farms right outside my window (seen below)!

This week we are celebrating the opening of Water Oasis’ Pavillion. It was reconstructed for year round use, which in Oregon means a lot more business! See our Facebook page for more information!

Nothing beats the feeling of walking just outside our studio to cut fresh ivy and lavender to use in our arrangements and it gives me this amazing sense of peace and intense creativity! The Wine Country Wedding group in Oregon is growing at a rapid pace. It’s pretty safe to say that growing my company to this lush and breathtaking beauty, The Water Oasis, was such a wonderful decision!

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(Above: Head floral designer, Mary, pictured)

P.S. It’s worth it to mention that the Pinot Noir is famous in this region. When I’m in Oregon, I’m in my own slice of heaven!