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Valentine’s Day is such a special holiday for those celebrating their relationship. It is a day that encourages couples to rekindle their sweet, selfless love for each other. I have such a tender feeling for this holiday because it is the day that I married my best friend, Joseph. This year is a milestone for us reaching 15 wonderful years of marriage, which is the crystal anniversary. So I want to talk about doing something extraordinary for your loved one by flowering them with the most unique custom arrangements!

With 25 years of experience under my belt, I’ve seen and flowered many love birds on Valentine’s day. In 1998, though, we sold over 6200 rose stems! Roses aren’t the only flowers you can send your lover, we create and help our customers design the most colorful and bright arrangements.

One year we had this adorable 70 year old male customer who had just begun dating his Valentine when he walked into our store, he was trying to discover more about relationships and how to make them successful,  so then he wondered about what he could buy to impress her. He had mentioned that he didn’t have as much to spend but wanted to surprise her with something bright and lovely, like her. So we designed this sweet arrangement of tulips! He asked us to attach the sweetest little card that read, ”I love our time together and was hoping that you would put your ‘Tulips’ next to mine.” I love this holiday because of the sweet words we send each other, especially the funny ones like this man’s was.

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