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Life can be tough and there are definitely days that are harder than others. When I was personally going through a rougher point in my life, a friend purchased a book for me that opened up a whole new element of flowers to me. It was an element that I was aware of, but hadn’t practiced or had much knowledge about. Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves wrote this book called “Flower Therapy: Welcome the Angels of Nature Into Your Life.” It is such a beautiful book that dives into 88 different types of flowers and their chakras, energies and associated archangels. I have picked eight of some of my most used and favorite wedding and event flowers to share with you!

Energetic properties: Attracting and enhancing romantic relationships, saying “I love you” to your soul mate, and healing grief.
Associated Chakra: Heart
Associated Archangel: Jophiel
Healing Description: Calla Lily helps enhance your relationship with your soul mate. It acts as an attractor, like a moth to a flame. Your meeting will come easily and with perfect Divine timing.
I love the classic and pure look Calla Lilies offer bridal bouquets as well as submerged into modern glass styled centerpieces.

Energetic Properties: Faithfulness, commitment, and attracting soul-mate relationships.

Associated Archangels: Haniel and Jophiel
Associated Chakras: Root and heart
Healing Description: Carnations are wonderful relationship flowers. They ensure that things always work out positively, and that both partners are equally invested. It’s a lovely idea to have Carnations at weddings. It’s a lovely idea to have Carnations at weddings. This promotes long-lasting, loyal relationship in which both parties find mutual fulfillment. This flower also helps attract soulmates for those who have not yet found them.

Carnations are so beautiful! I especially love them in pavé form where they are clustered together in an endless view of floral! I find myself particularly swooning over the “Moon” series of Carnations. This series provides Carnations in assorted purple and lavender tones. 

Energetic Properties: Empowerment and reminding you that one person can make a difference.
Associated Archangels: Michael and Zadkiel
Associated Chakras: Root and crown
Healing Description: Dahlia reminds you that you are powerful and only you can fulfill your life purpose. Realize that being powerful doesn’t mean being pushy, forceful, or threatening. You can make positive life changes by being assertive and in balance. Dahlia encourages you to follow your inner guidance. Remember that the energy of the angels is loving and peaceful, while the ego is heavy and overpowering.

I enjoy Dahlias especially in the fall season! They are so big and lush in all their various colors. I have travel often to a few Dahlia farms by our shop in Oregon and it is such a treat to see a field of healthy growing, large Dahlias as opposed to the way the way they are shipped to me (in buckets!). The growing season in Oregon for Dahlias is August and September and I try to catch a glimpse of them in the fields every year!

Energetic Properties: Healing the spine and back, relieving back tension, finding the perfect health-care practitioner, and bringing strength and courage.
Associated Archangels: Michael and Raphael
Associated Chakras: Root and Solar Plexus
Healing Description: Freesia focuses its energy on the spine by helping with the physical healing of your back, relieving tension or pain. It helps attract the perfect healer and therapist to treat your complaints and nourish your joints. This flower also makes you more aware of your body. You’ll start noticing ways in which you can improve your posture, making you feel even more comfortable. Fressia works on your energetic backcone by giving you the courage to stand up for what you believe. It protects you as it allows you to speak your truth.Freesia supports you as you progress spiritually, and makes you feel safe as you grow through self discovery.

Freesia is the perfect flower in bridesmaids bouquets, corsages and the men’s boutonnieres  They are also stunning cascading down a wedding cake! I love the Freesia flower because of its sweet aroma and for the uniqueness it offers the bridal party!

Energetic Properties: Releasing stress and worry, encouraging you to have fun, bringing joy, playfulness, and reminding you that your angels are listening to your prayers.
Associated Archangels: Root, heart and Crown
Healing Description: Gardenia is excellent for anyone suffering from chronic stress. It’s highly recommended that you plant a Gardenia bush in your garden or a large pot – somewhere you can appreciate it regularly. Its flowers clear stressful emotions and remind you that it’s time to smile and play. For too long you’ve had low energy due to the stress surrounding you. Gardenia will make you feel lighter and happier.

Gardenias add so much depth to a bouquet. Their fragrance is so fresh and unforgettable! It’s aroma provides calming energies for a nervous bride walking down the aisle. I also love the cleanly touch Gardenias give to any room while floating in glass bowl of water.

Energetic Properties: Transformation, life-changing decisions, clearing procrastination, and releasing lower emotions.

Associated Archangels: Jeremiel and Sandalphon
Associated Chakras: Root, sacral, and solar plexus
Healing Description: Hydrangeas are remarkable: the color of the blossom is totally dependent on the environment in which the plant is grown and the pH of the soil. This confuses many people who purchase Hydrangeas. Sometimes a person will buy a pink Hydrangea, plant it at home, then discover blue flowers when it blooms the next year. It can certainly seem strange! Just as the blossoms are able to transform themselves into different shades, the energy of Hydrangea brings you the ability to transform yourself. It can be a wondrous helping hand, especially when life-changing decisions. This flower gently pushes you along in the right direction.

Hydrangeas are absolutely jaw-dropping when used in larger centerpieces! Because they aren’t as expensive as other flowers, centerpieces utilizing Hydrangeas can often be filled and make dramatic statements! However, we don’t like to recommend using Hydrangeas in a bouquet because they easily wilt in the heat therefore not lasting long enough for your bridal portraits!

Energetic Properties: Lifting depression, bringing a sense of peace and calmness, releasing anxieties and fears.
Associated Archangel: Michael
Associated Charka: Solar Plexus
Healing Description: Lilac is a wonderful calming flower that works to combat the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is perfect for those with anxiety or depression. When your mood is low, your energy levels are depleted, and each day becomes a huge effort. However, when working with Lilac, you can enjoy each moment of every day. You’ll love the new experiences you’re able to share with others.

Lilacs are solely available in white and lavender!  They are lovely in all design arrangements for any wedding or event, particularly centerpieces, as the bloom is large like a Hydrangea. However, unlike the Hydrangea, the price point is much higher.

Energetic Properties: Lifting depression, bringing a sense of peace and calmness, releasing anxieties and fears.
Associated Archangles: Michael
Associated Chakras: Solar Plexus
Healing Description: Lilac is a wonderful calming flower that works to combat the hustle and bustle of everyday life, It is perfect for those with anxiety or depression, When your mood is low, your energy levels are depleted, and each day becomes a huge effort. However when working with Lilac, you can enjoy each moment of every day, You’ll love the new experiences you’re able to share with others.

My favorite therapeutic flower has to be Lavender. I religiously carry lavender oil spray at both of my Floral shops. I use it constantly through out my life to relax and be calm in my demeanor. I often spritz myself with Lavender spray before a meeting so I can center myself and focus on my meeting whether it’s with a bride and groom or with another friendor! 

Now that we’ve talked discussed the properties of some of our most popular wedding florals, will you pick a different one based on its energetic and healing properties? Let’s chat and discuss which florals would be perfect for you so that you may be in line with the correct chakra on your most special day!