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Today I want to talk about utilizing family heirlooms and memorabilia in your décor! There are a couple of really great perks to using these family treasures and I’m sure you’ll find one of them helpful to your wedding planning! Read the best examples we’ve seen with our brides and the reasons we think you should gather up some of your own.

Our top reason we’ve had brides and grooms add pictures or items to their wedding day is to honor loved ones that have passed. Brides can add a small framed picture to her bouquet or part of what is often called a “memorabilia table”. These memorabilia tables are an extra piece of décor that can be displayed in a ceremony or reception setting. They usually include pictures of loved ones and family heirlooms, but definitely not limited to.

Another great purpose of finding and gathering family treasures is that it can cut down the cost of rental pieces. This can be used as a part of your centerpiece, around your cocktail party, or to create ambiance down the aisle. Depending on how eclectic your style is, adding family knick-knacks not only cut down your overall rental bill but also give a lot of personality to your design.

Lastly, we love the personal touch that family memorabilia bring to the overall feel of your wedding. Especially in the time of an unprecedented virus, little touches of happiness can really uplift the overall feel of an intimate wedding.

This is not limited to family heirlooms; a couple can choose to add treasures from influential and loved family friends or anything else that you feel is acceptable to bring personality to your wedding! In 2020, what’s most important is enjoying a day with your loved ones, celebrating the union of two people in love.