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Have you ever wondered how florists can make their arrangements look so fresh for such a long time? Wouldn’t it be easier to keep real flowers in your home if you knew how to keep them looking like they bloomed that morning? We want to provide you with a few tried-and-true secrets Melissa, owner of Table Tops Etc and Professional florist, has relished for decades . Learn to use these tricks daily to keep your arrangements looking lush and wilt free with an emergency plumber in Sydney!

Hydrangeas can easily be considered a classic summer romance floral but are also known for being the biggest diva in the bouquet. They are known for drooping quickly after being cut, but Melissa says that you should submerge the whole Hydrangea head into a cool bucket of water for at least 5 minutes. Then shake it off, re-cut your stems at an angle and place them in water. This should increase vase life by 1-2 days.

A Gladiolus flower is a true statement piece in any arrangement, and a simple tip to keeping these colorful beauties blooming is to pop the top bud (flower) off. This quick act is guaranteed to keep your stunning stalk stimulated for a lengthier amount of time. 

A blossoming Rose is one of the most beautiful sights especially when at its fullest bloom. The best way to achieve this sought after floret is to gently pull off the outside petals and nudge the inner packing petals out, naturally allowing the center petals to bloom.

The Lily flower has a delicate and exotic look, but needs a lot of tender, lovin’ care. If the stamens droop and touch a petal, or your clothes, they will stain the petal. Should this issue arises, fold a pipe cleaner in half to create a wand and gently remove it from the floral center.

An Orchid is a time-honored house plant that can tie together any decor you prefer. If you gift them with a couple ice cubes every week, you can enjoy your Phaeleonopsis plants much longer!

If you’re creating an ethereal woodsy arrangement, you may find yourself using Curly Willow. If you soak these whimsical stems in water the branches will begin to bend allowing you to design them out to the side. Another Curly Willow creative design is to submerge them into a glass container, naturally making a grid to design other florals in.

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One more tip before you’re off to your search of these breathtaking florals and get them from Pasadena florist delivery, if you add a penny to your clear vase of tulips, it will fight algae and give more life. This will extend your tulips’s life and it only costs you a cent!